Almo Nature Intestinal Help Lamb dry food is recommended for its high digestibility. The primary animal component is fresh lamb, a well acceptable and optimal protein source. The plant-based ingredients consist of rice and potatoes, offering easily digested carbs. Almo Nature Intestinal Help Lamb is formulated with natural prebiotics MOS and FOS to support your cat’s digestion by providing food for helpful intestinal flora. Include a small amount of beneficial salmon oil, rich in omega-3, to allow your sensitive cat to enjoy their meal guilt-free!

The natural formula is free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and artificial colors and preservatives. Almo Nature Intestinal Help Lamb overview: Excellent nutrition for mature felines Complements wet food effectively Ideal for cats with delicate digestive systems Special ingredients: formulated for improved digestibility Fresh lamb provides high-quality proteins and excellent flavor, leading to a high level of acceptability. Rice and potatoes are widely acknowledged sources of carbs.

MOS and FOS are prebiotics that stimulate the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Salmon oil is a valuable natural source of omega-3 fatty acids. Contributes to overall well-being by providing essential nutrients such vitamin D3, vitamin E, and vitamin B1. Natural concept: free from genetically modified foods or synthetic colors and preservatives Some of the profits are allocated to initiatives aimed at safeguarding biodiversity. Packaging that can be recycled Made in Italy

Almo Nature Intestinal Help Lamb

Explore Almo Nature Natural Grainy Cat Litter – an ideal option for your pet! This cat litter is entirely derived from plants and does not include any synthetic ingredients, ensuring the health of your pet. It eliminates bad smells and effectively soaks up urine to provide a tidy and pleasant atmosphere. Its clumping action makes it very cost-effective and easy to clean. What is the most outstanding aspect of it? The kitty litter is completely biodegradable and may be disposed of in organic trash or compost without difficulty. The product is highly useful due to its lightweight, portable, and compact packing, which includes a convenient handle. Your cat’s fur will not adhere to it, ensuring your kitty remains clean and content.

Provide your cat with Almo Nature Natural Grain Cat Litter for an eco-friendly and low-maintenance litter box option. Overview of Almo Nature Natural Grainy Cat Litter: High-quality litter for the litter box 100% plant-based: free from toxic chemicals or additions. Odor-neutralizing: enhancing your cat’s well-being Clump-forming: effectively absorbs urine and simplifies cleaning Biodegradable items can be disposed of by flushing down the toilet, placing in organic garbage, or adding to compost. Cost-effective: one refill can last for one month Functional packaging: has a convenient handle, lightweight for easy transportation and storage, and recyclable.

Non-adherent: the litter does not adhere to your cat’s fur, offering additional comfort and maintaining a hygienic bathroom environment Disposal guidelines: Dispose of in family toilet only in moderate amounts. Only dispose of individual lumps of trash through the home toilet.

Almo Nature Natural Grainy Cat Litter

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