Almo Nature HFC Complete cat food base their daily formula on constituents that are abundant in water to ensure that your cat remains adequately hydrated. Furthermore, the food contains an exceptionally high percentage of vital proteins, sourced from poultry, tuna, and mackerel, which is ideal for the active lifestyle of a cat. Each component of Almo Nature HFC Complete moist foods are considered to be of exceptional quality, which implies that they could potentially be fit for human consumption as well.

A substantial amount of essential nutrients are also incorporated into the premium food to ensure that your cat receives everything it requires in the subtle area. The minimalist recipe omits all grains and, consequently, all gluten, resulting in a highly regarded dish. Almo Nature HFC Complete Saver Pack 24 x 70 g visually: Appetizing comprehensive cat diet for adult felines.

Additionally, it pairs well with dried foods. Without excessive embellishment: a natural, minimalist recipe Primarily composed of animal protein sources, such as tuna, chicken, or mackerel, contingent upon the variant. Delectable flavor: prepared using its own juice Incorporating specific vegetables such as carrot, pea, squash, or sweet potato as supplements. Digestible: containing tapioca starch Hypodermic: as a result of its elevated moisture content Selected ingredients: purity suitable for human consumption Including taurine: especially vital for felines For a well-balanced diet, include numerous vital nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin E, and iron. Suitable for sensitive digestion as well: gluten-free and grain-free Presented here in a substantial Saver Pack: A special pricing on 24 cans ensures that you always have sufficient supplies.

Saver Pack Almo Nature Hfc Complete 24

Almo Nature HFC Adult Sterilized Chicken is a cat food specifically formulated to provide the necessary nutrients for adult cats that have been sterilized. Cat food is formulated to meet the unique energy and nutritional requirements of domestic cats. Ingredients used are of food-grade raw materials. The cat food contains fresh chicken as the only easily digested source of animal proteins. The low magnesium content may support the preservation of optimal renal function. Almo Nature HFC Adult Sterilized Chicken is a nutritious dry food that many picky cats like because of its tasty flavor.

Almo Nature HFC Adult Sterilized Chicken Overview: Full food designed for adult sterilized cats. This dish has solely fresh chicken as the sole source of animal protein, making it readily digested and very tasty. Food-grade ingredients: High-quality and meticulously chosen HFC-quality components. Optimized magnesium levels: may help maintain healthy kidney function. Optimal fat content: well-proportioned ingredients for a diet that suits your needs. Omega fatty acids are essential unsaturated fatty acids that promote skin and coat health. Optimal for everyday nutrition: balanced and nutritious. Free from animal feed, synthetic preservatives, and colorants. Several selective cats handle it effectively. Italian-made.

Almo Nature Hfc Adult Sterilized Chicken

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