Almo Nature HFC Natural Cans Saver Pack 24 x 70g is a tasty wet cat food that serves as an ideal addition to a regular meal. The irresistible flavor pairings provide a diverse selection in your cat’s dish, guaranteeing even the most particular cats will be content. Every meal is prepared with specific ingredients simmered in their own broth to preserve taste and nutrients. The Almo Nature HFC Natural Cans Saver Pack has 24 cans of 70g each, offering your cat premium animal protein without any gluten-containing grains. This is ideal for cats with intolerances. It also contains a high moisture content to promote adequate fluid intake.

The Mixed Pack with Tuna includes the following flavor varieties: Eight 70-gram cans of tuna anchovy Eight 70-gram cans of trout tuna Eight 70-gram cans of tuna, chicken, and cheese The Mixed Pack with Chicken includes the following flavor varieties: Eight chicken drumsticks, each weighing 70 grams Eight portions of 70 grams of chicken with shrimp Eight 70-gram portions of chicken with pumpkin Almo Nature HFC Natural Cans Saver Pack has 24 cans of 70g each. Tasty moist meal for mature felines Perfect complement to dry food: to enhance your cat’s daily nutrition Concise recipe: uses few ingredients, all natural with no artificial additions Human-grade quality: components that were once appropriate for human consumption Delicious options: including Atlantic tuna or a combination of tuna, chicken, and ham Delicious taste: cooked slowly in its own broth Gluten-free grains: easily digestible High moisture content: to help provide enough hydration, especially for cats with difficulty consuming enough fluids

Almo Nature Hfc Natural Cans Saver Pack 24

Ensure you have a enough supply of these succulent Almo Nature Classic Jelly Pouches, as your cat will thoroughly enjoy them! Each pouch contains a high quantity of rich stock, designed to encourage your cat to take on sufficient fluids. The formula includes 51% fresh meat and fish pieces of human grade quality. The gentle cooking procedure preserves natural micronutrients to suit your cat’s nutritional requirements in a species-appropriate manner. This meal is devoid of artificial preservatives or any other ingredients. The 55g pouches provide freshness and flavor in a convenient manner.

They facilitate serving Almo Nature Jelly Pouches Saver Pack 24 x 55g in precise quantities and with minimal spillage. The jelly is composed only of vegetable materials and aids in the passage of ingested hairs through the digestive system. It aids in stomach cleansing and prevents the accumulation of hairballs in a natural manner. The Almo Nature Jelly Pouches Saver Pack 24 x 55g is a delectable and natural meal that will be adored by discerning cats. Almo Nature Classic Jelly Pouches 24 x 55g overview: Food supplement suitable for cats of any age. Offered in many flavor options.

Containing up to 51% high-quality fresh meat or fish of human-grade quality. Abundant in moisture: containing plenty natural liquid to promote fluid consumption Natural: delicately processed to enhance flavor and digestibility The jelly aids in cleaning the stomach and facilitating the passage of ingested hairs through the system, providing a natural defense against hairballs. High nutritional value: delicately processed to maintain proteins and micronutrients Gluten-free: appropriate for cats with sensitivities Convenient pouches are used for simple, hygienic portioning and to preserve flavor and freshness. A light and tasty formula: a formulation tailored to your cat’s needs without excessive calories. No artificial additives

Almo Nature Hfc Jelly Pouches Saver Pack 24

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